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Slow Cooker Hot Cocoa



Slow Cooker Hot Cocoa


1.5 cups heavy whipping cream

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

6 cups milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 cups of milk chocolate chips


Stir together the whipping cream, milk, vanilla, and chocolate chips in a 5 quart crock pot

Cover and cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally with whisk, until mixture is hot and chocolate chips are melted

Once it is heated through and chocolate is melted, switch the slow cooker to the warm setting

Stir again before serving.  If you have trouble getting the chocolate to melt, turn to high temporarily

Garnish individual cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows

Breakfast Fruit Punch


We had the pleasure of having our grandson make us Breakfast Fruit Punch.  It was very good!


Breakfast Fruit Punch

2 cups Orange Juice

2 cups Cranberry Juice

1 cup Pineapple Juice

1 cup Ginger Ale

Orange Slices for Garnish


We had the juice already chilled in the refrigerator before mixing

Pour into pitcher and serve with an orange slice

Fresh Ginger Tea


The fresher, the better!


Peel and Slice Fresh Ginger into about the thickness of a quarter

We use about 10-15 slices per serving


Bring Ginger and Water to a boil

Cover and reduce heat to a simmer for 15 minutes

Strain and serve with Organic Agave Nectar for a touch of sweetness


Lemon Aid


2 peeled lemons cut in half
2 big spoonfuls of honey
24 ice cubes
1 teaspoon turmeric
Put everything into the vita-mix or blender, and blend on HIGH


You can add more ice and drink as is
I froze everything into ice cube trays
You can add a few cubes into a glass of water or Ginger Ale for a refreshing drink.