About Me

My dream was to make a cook book for my children. They loved the simple meals I made and there were rarely any leftovers.

As time passed, they grew to adults and I moved a few hours from them. I was always a phone call away when they needed help in the kitchen.

I decided the best way to help, was to make a web page for them to refer back to.

I started by posting their favorite meals and then added every new dish I made.

If you try one of my recipes, and it doesn’t turn out right, let me know. I will look into it right away!

At times I will also post reviews of places we have eaten and other Spoonlickers. Please feel free to email me, at the address below, a photo of your favorite Spoonlicker and I will add it to the page.

Thank you for stopping by!





4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. In this recipe for canned slaw is the vinegar the white or Apple cider this sound delicious Cant wait to try thank you for sharing.


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