Cranberry Sauce


2 bags cranberries

2 cups sugar

2 cups water


Rinse cranberries well, picking out stems and unfavorable berries


Pour into a pot with 2 cups of water


Simmer over medium high heat until all berries have popped


Transfer mixture into blender and blend until desired consistency


Return to pot on stove and add 2 cups of sugar

Bring mixture to a rolling boil

Boil for 10 minutes stirring often


Ladle syrup into jars leaving ½ inch head space

Remove air bubbles

Add more syrup to bring the head space up to ½ inch

Wipe rim, apply lid and ring

Process for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath canner

After 24 hours have passed, remove rings and wash jars

Label jars with date and store.  Do not stack jars.

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