Little Chicks




A great way to use up those Easter Eggs!

Place eggs in a pan of cold water

Bring to a hard boil

Cover and remove from heat

Set sit for 15 minutes

Place eggs in an ice bath

Remove each egg and crack shell all around

Place back in ice bath for 10 minutes

Gently peel each egg and rinse with cold water

With a sharp knife, cut across the top of the egg or in a zig-zag around the top of the egg

Scoop out the yolk and set aside

It’s ok if the whites rip a bit. The yolk filling will hold it together

Mix yolks with mayonnaise or miracle whip, mustard, relish, sugar and garlic powder

I put the mix in a pastry bag and filled each egg white

Place each egg in a bed of shredded lettuce, for the “nest”

Place top back on egg

Add carrots for the beak and olives for the eyes

*Take your time making these and have fun. Mine came out messy but they sure were a hit when we put them on the table!

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